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1. Concept

Biko Kolektiv is all about the bike and great coffee. 

Primarily it is a hub where those who dedicated their life to the two wheels find a place where to express themselves and make a living. You can find apparel and accessories for gravel and adventure biking and drink great coffee. But that is not the end of the story. It is a place where you can get your bike serviced by people who are experts and really into cycling, where you can rent or even buy a new bike.

You can also find t-shirts, bike related objects designed and made in the Czech Republic, you can enjoy cultural events, you can find a video maker or a photographer for your next project.

2. how our hub helps the cycling community

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3. Contact

BIKO Kolektiv, Vratislavova 58/3, 12800 Praha 2, Czech Republic

We’re open everyday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Apparel, Bike rental and Tours 

operated by Biko Adventures: tel: +420 733 750 990, IČO: 08145172  

Bike Service & DirtOmen 

operated by Jakub Dvorský: tel: +420 606 364 758, IČO: 09324755

Website and video production

operated by Lemon Creative Agency tel: +420 732 331 832, IČO: 01456733


    4. Partners

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